1 Simple Trick to Catch More Fish.. Learned the Hard Way

1 Simple Trick to Catch More Fish.. Learned the Hard Way

I remember a time on the ice a few years ago when my buddy
outfished me 3:1. 3:1.. Literally THREE..TO..ONE!! Man, it was tough hiding my
despair/jealousy.. How the heck was he doing it? Here we were sitting side-by-side in our clam 2-man shack. His
vexilar showed fish and so did mine. Those red lines would follow
my jig up about a foot.. I'd wiggle it.. Let it sit still.. jerk it
up and down.. I tried everything.. but to no avail. My buddy sat there with a shit-eating grin.. he knew something that
I didn't. Sensing my frustration, he gave me a black tungsten jig he had in
his tackle box. The same exact one that was outfishing me 3-to-1.
I sheepishly tied it on. Another 30 minutes of watching fish show
up on the Vexilar and then disappear .. I was growing frustrated.
I had only 3 fish on the ice, and he was nearing his 15 fish limit. WHAT THE HECK WAS GOING ON HERE?! I went through a mental checklist to try and figure out what he was
doing that I wasn't: 1. Fishing line - both were using 4lb clear mono. 2. Bait - we were both using the same bait puck full of waxies. 3. Fishing rod - he was using an old "green hornet" style pole..
I had a $100 custom rod... advantage should be me on this one! I was stumped. Finally I swallowed my pride and asked him to take a look at my setup.
He cheerfully set his Budweiser down - "Sure! Hand me your pole,
I'll sprinkle some magic on it." I obliged. He puttered around with the jig for about 15 seconds then offered to
trade seats in the shack. Again, I obliged.

He sent my lure down the hole I had been fishing. The vexilar lit
up like a Christmas tree. I watched in disbelief as my spring
bobber twitched.. about 3 seconds later it twitched again.. "WHAT KIND OF MAGIC DUST DOES THIS GUY HAVE?!" On the third twitch he set the hook and let out a great big loud
belly laugh (Budweisers had definitely kicked in by now). Up through the 8" hole came a solid "eater" bluegill. He tossed it
into my bucket and exclaimed, "Here you go! She's fixed now.." I grabbed the pole, re-tipped a fresh waxie and sent it down the hole.. still in disbelief. Sure enough within 20 seconds I had my first nibble. And over the
next 30 minutes I pulled up 4 eater gills and a crappie. Doubling
my bucket total. WHAT WAS HIS SECRET?! I knew he didn't have "magic dust".. I mean that stuff is just for
movies and weird psychic shops, right? I couldn't take it anymore. "Sooo... Tell me more about this 'magic dust'?" He laughed, pulled up his jig, and pinched the line between his
fingers about 3 inches above the eye. "You see how this is hanging?
The hook is perfectly horizontal. He readjusted the knot on the
eyelet and held it out again. Yours was like this. Sitting at a
45 degree angle. My "magic dust" was simply moving your knot so
the jig sat horizontal."
Proper knot alignment for tungsten jig
You see, I had heard of this before.. but never thought much of it.
Did it really matter if the jig was "flat" or at an "angle"?? I
could only come to one conclusion. I'll tell you now - ever since
that day, I make darn sure my jigs are horizontal. NOW, Next time you're on the ice be sure to use a little "magic dust"
of your own. And if you're with a clown like me.. Be sure to let
your buddies in on your new secret ;)

I'm interested to know.. Have you had an experience like this? Share
your tips and tricks below.

Happy Fishing,



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