Quick and Easy Way to Catch more Bluegills on Waxworms - Try it this Weekend

Quick and Easy Way to Catch more Bluegills on Waxworms - Try it this Weekend


Squish Your Waxie to Improve Action

I learned this tip many years ago. I was out on early ice in Wisconsin.
There was a bout 4" of Ice and I was fishing a small bay well-known
to the locals for producing nice panfish early in the year.

I had been out for about 2 hours punching holes throughout the bay and hopping around to find active fish.

A few nice ones had been caught but I noticed a couple of guys had been pulling them out rather consistently.

More consistently than I had been..

Luckily for me they were super nice guys who were in town pre-fishing the lake for an upcoming tournament.

I could tell they knew their stuff.

I made a comment about their skill in pulling bluegills through the ice.

One of the gentleman came over, asked me to reel up my jig.. so I did.

He grabbed my waxie between forefiger and thumb and gave it a good
squish.. the guts hung by threads.

He then dropped my tungsten jig and waxie into the hole and jigged it
a few times pointing out how much better action the waxie had now.

Sure enough.. within a few minutes I had a gill swirling up through the hole.

I started catching them more consistently that afternoon and still use this tactic to this day.

Have you tried this trick? What have your results been?

Keep those buckets full,



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