54 Piece Tungsten Jig Kit

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Tired of losing expensive jigs?  Having a hard time keeping your jigs organized?

We were too.

Packed into this sturdy jig box are 54 Tungsten Ice Fishing Jigs.

Pictured is exactly what you will receive.  Many of these colors are not available to purchase individually.

Tackle Box:

  • 4"x3"x1" - Fits easily in Bib and Coat Pockets
  • Waterproof O-Ring Seal
  • Clear Front Cover 
  • 54 Foam Slots for Storage - Holds the jigs tightly and securely
  • 19" Detachable Lanyard

We're proud to offer this kit and have had a ton of great feedback.  

Grab one today - Keep your lures organized and secure on the lake and at home!

90 Day Warranty

No-Nonsense Return Policy - If You're not 100% satisfied just send it back and we'll refund you no questions asked.